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caterwaul n : the yowling sound made by a cat in heat v : utter shrieks, as of cats [syn: yowl]

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From caterwrawe (one of numerous earlier variants); from cater + wrawen/wrawlen.


  • a RP /ˈkæt.ə.wɔːl/
  • a US /ˈkæt.ɚ.wɑːl/


  1. To cry as cats in rutting time; to make a harsh, offensive noise.
  2. To have a noisy argument, like cats.


to cry as cats
to have a noisy argument


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Caterwaul is a verb meaning "To yell as a cat". It may also refer to:
  • Caterwaul is also the name of a band, signed with I.R.S. label, in the mid 1980's.Founding Members- Lead singer: Betsy Martin currently with Purr Machine and Drummer: Kevin Pinnt most recently with Drumatic.

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